Beautiful congo river

Beautiful congo river

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gods protecting hand

Being a missionary in Congo has it challenges, But through it all our Lord is faithful. Our most recent incident happened on Thursday, While my husband and 2 friends of ours along with pastor willy (national pastor) were out making a map of the village of kinkole, to better our evangelizing. They were stopped by a Congo police, and a man claiming to be security for the border. They claimed that we had no authority to do what we were doing, and after arguing with them and trying to ignore them for about 45 min. we finally gave in. So they along with my whole family of 5, our two friends, and pastor willy and his family of 3, jumped in our van and headed for the police station. Upon arriving they made all the men go into the police station where they were asked many questions about what they were doing in the village. They were brought from person to person telling their story everywhere they went. Finally the chief said our story was OK and for them to let us go. But when the chief left, they continued to try to intimidate the men and would not let them out. they brought them to the "prison" and made them take off their shoes, belt, watches, etc.. and had them sitting on a bench after about 4 hours the police said they were going to keep them overnight! At this point Matt (my husband) called the U.S. embassy and talked to a man for about an hour back and forth. They said that the congolese police are required to call the embassy if they arrest an American. So after about 6 hours of being in this police station they finally let us go. It was definitely a night we will not forget. The whole time that Matt and the men were in the prison i was outside in the van with our 3 children. I praise the Lord for our faithful church members who came to the station, and sat with me while I waited. They were a comfort to me, and bought my kids cookies and pop. Praise the Lord for his provision, and protecting hand!

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  1. The time is short and the devil doesn't like the work you guys are doing!!! You are in our prayers and we are asking churches here in the states to pray for you and your work there.